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San Diego Pretzel Company

(by Marybeth Mitchell)

While this company’s products are based and sold in stores in California, soft pretzels are enjoyed world wide. Of course because of the computer age it has made it possible for people all over to be able to enjoy San Diego Pretzel Company’s goods. For product information and how you can get these pretzels delivered straight to your door, visit www.sandiegopretzel.com

At first glance when I received my package I thought ‘these can’t be as good as what you would get fresh baked at the mall.’ I had, here in front of me a bag of Twisted Traditional pretzels. I did taste them straight out of the bag, just to get a sense of what I was dealing with. Not too bad, but of course it was missing two things every soft pretzel should have, in my opinion…..salt and warmth. So, per instructions listed right on the bag I brushed with a little melted butter and sprinkled with salt, heated for about 8 minutes and viola! The tastiest, heated at home soft pretzel I’ve ever had. The others you may come across in your local grocery can not compare. This is just one flavor that this company offers. I will be looking into purchasing some of the other flavors such as Multi Grain, Sugary Cinnamon and Mexican Jalapeno. Great snack!

**Products courtesy of San Diego Pretzel Company


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