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Premium Milk Chocolate Dessert Sauce Review

(By Sandy FerrI)


How awesome is it to be able to try numerous products from Purveyors Kitchen? I can tell you.......amazing!!

This time I had the chance to try their Creamy Caramel Dessert Sauce & Premium Milk Chocolate Dessert Sauce.

I love Caramel & Chocolate just about in and on anything.

Their Caramel & Chocolate Dessert Sauce were absolutley phenominal and unreal! It wasn't even super sweet like I thought Caramel Sauce would be, at least it wasn't to me.

I used them both basically in my Vegan Choclate Shakeology daily and I felt like I wasn't even cheating and I truly wasn't because I used it in moderation which made it last longer.

You can use their Creamy Caramel Dessert Sauce to make caramel filled candies which would be an amazing idea to make homemade caramel filled candies for holiday gifts, wrapped in a pretty basket or container with a gorgeous ribbon. A gift straight from your heart and kitchen, it doesn't get better then that!!!alt

You can use their Premium Milk Chocolate Dessert Sauce for almost the same things, PLUS anywhere you would like to add an extra KA-POW of chocolate to your desserts and shakes.

You can drizzle these on ice cream, make candy apples, drizzle on other types of cakes and so many more options you can choose from.

If you even want to go BUCK WILD you can use these both as a dip for your fruits and even make a holiday/football fruit platter and use these sauces as your dips. Your guests will be estactic and love you forever!

The only sad thing for me is I am out of them both :(

Check out their site for all products at: http://purveyorskitchen.com




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