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Uncle Steve's Organic Sauce Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


Let's get right to the point! Get this sauce as soon as possible. I will have to agree with Steve when he said, "This is the best jarred sauce, believe me". I do I do believe you Steve because it is!!

Let us talk abit about who Steve Schirripa is..... he is best known for his brilliant role as "Bobby Baccalieri" on the "Sopranos". Steve is also a New York Times Bestseller for his book "A Goombas Guide to Life" (Comical Book). You can read more about Steve by clicking this link: http://unclestevesny.com/about-uncle-steve/

What I love about Uncle Steve's Sauce is it is 100% Organic and GMO free. That is so great to hear that he went the best route for his lovers of sauce.

I received a few jars of this best tasting sauce with the most wonderful aroma.

I had this sauce in a few differenrt ways so far. I being Italian ALWAYS love my italian food for breakfast, lunch and dinners. Maybe not breakfast (HAHA).

I had some of the sauce on my spaghetti/ziti and even used it on my homemade pizzas (which I make alot). I am going to use the sauce on my new addiction of spaghetti squash and if you just want a reason to have some of Uncle Steve's Sauce, just grab a loaf of bread and warm the sauce up, put in a bowl with some parmesan cheese or even mozzerella cheese (it will melt) and dip your bread in that. Man I am hungry now!

Don't just grab yourself a jar, be wise and grab a few! You won't regret it! Believe us!


Check Uncle Steve out at:

Webiste: http://unclestevesny.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unclestevesny/

Heres a link to some recipes on his site: http://unclestevesny.com/recipes/

Testimonials of his sauce: http://unclestevesny.com/testimonials/







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