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Tesla's latest release, Twisted Wires & the acoustic sessions... features two brilliant new tracks and ten classics culled from the last recorded acoustic recordings with former guitarist Tommy Skeoch and acoustic versions from the Tesla vaults. Twisted Wires & the acoustic sessions... is available at Tesla’s online store or iTunes. I had the chance to speak with Troy Luccketta of Tesla and discussed the new CD and their acoustic tour.

Higher Rock: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us.

Troy: No problem, thanks for all your support.

HR: When did you first get involved with music? What made you take up drums?

Troy: Ahh, well quite honestly, I think I started playing alittle guitar in the beginning but always loved the drums. A buddy of mine had drums, the funniest thing, just snare drums and we went up to the garage I remember, and they handed me a pair of spoons (laughs). They had no sticks and they said, “Well, play them” and I played the song “Wipe Out”, The drum solo. I just played it like I played it my whole life . It was one of those moments, I was like, “OK cool, I’m going to play the drums” (laughs)

HR: Oh really?

Troy: Yea, that’s kind of how it happened.

HR: Your new CD is called, “Twisted Wires & the Acoustic Sessions" which has 10-11 songs that are Tesla classics and a couple new ones. Can you tell us alittle about the CD and how you went about choosing the classics to record?

Troy: Well, I think on this one was basically to put stuff down that we really didn’t have out there. We had some songs live in the studio with Tommy Skeoch our old guitar player and a couple new ones we wrote. The ones with Tommy we had for awhile, Hang Tough and a few other songs. We didn’t have those on the acoustic performance. We thought that would be different and a couple bonus tracks “2nd Street” and “I Love You”, seemed kind of the thing for the time, so now we’re out jamming some acoustic dates to support it.

HR: How did you all come up with the title for the CD?

Troy: Well, that would be Frank (laughs). He came up with the name. He does a lot of the internet stuff, the bands website and a lot of that stuff. We’re pretty independent today, and Brian manages the band. We keep it simple. We pick and choose what we want to do and that’s pretty much we do.

HR: You’re actually doing some dates to support the "Twisted Wire Acoustic Tour". How long does that run for you?

Troy: Yea, pretty much. We went out for about a month’s worth of dates and we’re coming back and picking up a few extra weeks here and there and will probably go back and do some electric shows here shortly in the spring/summer months, not alot of dates but it’s a cool show to catch.

HR: Now who does most of the writing for the band?

Troy: I would say Frank and Jeff but everybody contributes. We all do our fair share of contributing songs and things over the years but for the most part I would say Frank and Jeff.

HR: What do you guys have planned after this tour?

Troy: I think we’ll pick it back up in May and probably do some electric shows. We decided May-Sept will be our tour schedule. We’ll do some casinos, festivals, stuff like that. I don’t think we’ll be touring, touring. We’ll go out Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That’s kind of how it’s set up.

HR: It’s your 20th Anniversary for your “Five Man Acoustical Jam”

Troy: Yea, and the bands 25th Anniversary.

HR: Did you ever think once you started your music career/journey that it would have become such a success for you as it has?

Troy: Ya know, I don’t know it’s something you think about because you get a record deal and first things first; you’re just so excited to be making a record. Then after the records done, then your excited to get a tour to play on, in which we got to go out with Def Leppard for a year, so that was exciting for us. We did fifteen months of touring on our first album and before you know it you make another record and do it again (laugh) and again and before you know it, it’s ten years later and you take a break, broke up for alittle while and came back to it and here we are. No, I really had no idea it would turn into what it’s turned into. I think we’re all pretty happy.

HR: Who are some of your influences?

Troy: Well, it probably started back in the day with some of my Mom’s records, which she had a lot of that I listened to such as Creedence ClearWater Revival and then got into the whole Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Bad Company. Those were the bands I grew up with. I didn’t make my first record till I was 23 yrs old which was with Eric Martin of Mr. Big. I have a recording studio in my house. I just recorded a country record this past week for an artist. I am doing alot of different recordings for artists, such as, Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake & Palmer and also an Orchestra, which I never did anything like that before. I am just having a really, really good time playing music, you know (laughs)

HR: WOW!! You keep really busy (laughs)

Troy: I do actually stay pretty busy; I think for the most part we all stay fairly busy.

HR: After your May-Sept tour schedule, you think you all will go back into the studio and possibly record more music?

Troy: We always record CD’s. I would think that we may be talking about that at that time.

HR: Everyone in the band is an original member except Dave. How was the transition with Dave with bringing him in?

Troy: It was actually pretty simple. Frank found Dave on Myspace at the time and Frank had a band he was out doing shows with and it seemed like the right choice. He never even rehearsed with us. I mean he just came n and started playing and there was really no transition. It was pretty interesting how that worked out. He jumped right in. He’s really great.

Please click this link below to purchase your tickets for Tesla’s“Twisted Wire Acoustic” Connecticut show on Valentine’s Day, February 14th at Toads Place http://bit.ly/yXPZQo

To see where Tesla’s “Twisted Wire Acoustic Your” is coming near you, click this link and check out all their dates: http://teslatheband.com/upcoming-shows/


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