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Fiber Gourmet Review

(By Marybeth Mitchell)

Fiber Gourmet uses their own found technologies to make great tasting pastas, crackers and cakes which taste as good as your everyday snacks but are packed with 10 times more fiber.They use insoluble fiber which allows them to cut calories in half compared to your regular cakes, crackers and pastas. It all comes down to taste though and if your snacks don’t taste good, you’ll go back to eating the low fiber, high calorie snacks you may be used to.

The products produced and distributed by this company are many, I had the chance to sample one of their crackers the Lite Nacho Snacks which are bite size cheese squares. What a great tasting cracker compared to any other cheese squares. The cheese aroma grabs your attention when first opening the package. You might think, more fiber, less taste…..wrong. They pack a fistful of flavor and they are good for you.

Mac & Cheese: I had the chance to taste this delicious concoction. You would think when you hear the word fiber, it just might NOT tatse that great. WRONG!!! Fiber Gourmet's Mac & Cheese tasted even better then other boxed Mac & Cheese. The great thing about this companies Mac & Cheese is that it supplies you with fiber that you technically need in your daily intake and is just as cheesy. I had some one night and saved the rest for the next, since I just had that one box :) .....Sandy

Please visit their website for a full list of products available and more information on where you can purchase them.

You can visit them at www.fibergourmet.com

Products sampled for this review were provided by Fiber Gourmet.


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